Edition 13

Edition 13 is a game designed to allow its players to take on the role of characters in almost any genre, acting out their adventures according to their whims - and of course those of the dice. The system itself is a hybrid of two different retro-clones of the venerable (and long out of print) Marvel Super-Heroes Role-Playing Game: the Costumed Adventurer Simulation Engine and the 4C System.

The structure of Edition 13 comes from the CASE, while a lot of its terminology is derived from the 4C System. However, while both of these draw their inspiration from a common source, Edition 13 considers itself an offshoot of the 4C System since it is mechanically different from the CASE, however minimally. Hence all the references to the 4C System one will find within Edition13.com.

The above is mostly irrelevant to players, though, since Edition 13 is designed to be a standalone game. One need not track down any other books to play Edition 13, though they can readily research and/or adapt material from other systems for use with it. It is designed to be readily modified by players after all, to better suit their sensibilities, whether they play within an original setting or one produced by others.

One can find the following within the confines of Edition13.com:

The Corpus: here lies all the rules currently written for Edition 13, presented in order for convenience. While there are a few portions of Edition 13 that have yet to be expanded into readable text as of yet, the vast majority of it is ready for players' use. From the core rules to the numerous character generation options, everything one needs to play can be found here.

Variant Earth 13: designed as a showcase for the vast array of characters one can create while playing Edition 13, Variant Earth 13 is an entirely self-contained campaign setting. While it wasn't designed as an 'official' setting for Edition 13, Variant Earth 13 is nonetheless available for use as such, should players find the place interesting enough to adventure within.

Myths and Legends: while this was originally intended to house descriptions of numerous flavors of mythological people, places, and things, this character guide has primarily focused upon various Middle-Eastern deities - those centered within Babylon in particular. One can find descriptions of numerous obscure gods and goddesses within, as well as a lot of their stuff.

Links of Note: here one can be pointed towards numerous other retro-clones of the same role-playing game that Edition 13 was ultimately based upon. The author of Edition 13 isn't afraid of competition, after all, or else he wouldn't have released his material under a Creative Commons license! So yeah, check out what everyone else is up to, and then head back here when you're done!

Donate: though the development of Edition 13 has been accomplished without material aid thus far, an option to donate to this effort has now been provided for those gamers who wish to. This is because, though the author's finances are relatively stable at the moment, one never knows when this condition will take a terrible, cataclysmic turn for the worse.

Author Information: herein lies a whole lot of information about the creator of Edition 13. Sure, this is probably a bunch more about said author than you probably care to read. Nonetheless, this information has been made available to you, for posterity's sake. Besides, you never know when somebody might find something about the author inspiring!

Questions (Hopefully) Answered! This last bit of Edition13.com offers a bit more detail about the site and what it's all about, in case you didn't get enough from the paltry paragraphs presented previously. This is where I explain the motivation for building Edition13.com as a stand-alone site, along with a few other bits about the site (and my writing overall) you might want to know.

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