Variant Earth 13

The timeline colloquially known as Variant Earth 13 is a nexus of sorts, where events within unfold parallel to countless other, otherwise disparate timelines with distressing frequency. It gets its name thanks to its most noteworthy cross-time traveler, Mike Jensen, who was the thirteenth member of an association of variations on himself, making his home reality the thirteenth timeline these explorers had catalogued.

Quickly recognizing Variant Earth 13's unique nature, the Jensen Congress (that association of Mike Jensen variants from across time) quickly went about studying its curious nature, as well as numerous noteworthy local situations. Using this knowledge, they can better predict how things will progress in one or more of the timelines within their purview, or at least resolve certain heretofore unexplained mysteries.

In a more conceptual sense, Variant Earth 13 is mainly envisioned as a showcase for the many and various characters one can produce for use with Edition 13 of the 4C System. It provides a loose storyline players may walk their characters through, in whole or in part, as an optional campaign setting. Edition 13 doesn't declare any setting 'official', so to speak, but this one is offered should players want one ready-made.

And it readily accepts modifications. The whole idea of Variant Earth 13 is that bits and pieces of any number of other timelines often manifest within, so Gamemasters can plug in one or more characters or storylines from their favorite media right into it. Of course, depending on how intricate such additions are to be, this may entail a considerable amount of work to make things work together smoothly.

Characters of Note

Thus far, I have completed the following Variant Earth 13 materials. Mind you, there are plenty more Edition 13 characters written for Variant Earth 13, but I haven't cleaned them up and installed them here. Should you wish to check these out, albeit in a less than ideal state, you can head on over to Technohol 13 to do so. Or, you can just marvel at the 'finished' folks here:

Agency 13: Agency 13 is a group founded by Mike 013, a member of the so-called Jensen Congress, on behalf of that organization. It is dedicated to a comprehensive study of events in his timeline, known as Earth 13 by the Congress, which is a nexus they believe either reflects or causes events in innumerable other timelines (they don't know which is which, yet).

Supplemental Materials:

Tales from Variant Earth 13: within this section of Variant Earth 13 you will find a variety of stories based on characters from the Variant Earth 13 timeline. The current goal is to produce four separate 'series' of tales, to give differing accounts of the Variant Earth 13 'experience'. Somewhat neglected with my other work taking precedence, the Tales are updated rather haphazardly. Sorry!

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