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Welcome to Tales From Variant Earth 13, a source of stories based in the world that the various heroes, villains, and other assorted nutjobs here inhabit. Most of these began as 'online comics' I wrote for my good pal Crowe, who hosts one heck of a large online literature repository, www.lit.org, but they've evolved a bit past that. For one thing, I seem to have a whole bunch more to write.

I began with just one story, that of a group of intrepid investigators attempting to catalog various oddities for a cross-time agency that viewed their world as a great nexus of multiversal causality. The stories waiting to be told in Variant Earth 13, as the timeline has come to be identified by said cross-time agency, have multiplied exponentially, though, so I figured I'd try this, a sort of 'universe' of titles.

I've decided to go with four titles for the time being, though this may fluctuate as things progress. For one thing, I may have bitten off more than I can chew, and may need to cut back. Or, I may simply cease one title for a time and begin another story, either on a temporary or permanent basis... but we'll only find out by going there. Before you go any further, though, I must give you a disclaimer or two.

For once thing, regular (or even irregular) Technohol 13 visitors may notice that I, Firebomb, tend to restrain myself in the face of bad language and otherwise questionable material. However, some of these stories are incredibly violent, and feature more than their fair share of foul-mouthed characters, both good and bad. If this is a problem, I would recommend that you do not actually read any of these tales.

I assure you that nothing X-rated will be occurring in these stories, but I figured I should warn you in advance that this isn't necessarily 'family friendly' literature, here. I suppose that's the only real disclaimer I need to share with you all, so I'll stop going on about that now. So, to stop keeping you all in suspense, here's the current issues of Tales From Variant Earth 13 for your reading pleasure:

Series Indexes

In the event that you're starting from the beginning, or perhaps missed an issue or so of your favorite Tales From Variant Earth 13 series, this is simply a listing of each title that's either in production, coming soon, or currently 'out of print' for the sake of convenience.

Agency 13: these are the tales of six or so intrepid investigators assembled by Mike 013 and the so-called Jensen Congress to investigate strange happenings on Mike's world. This because Mike's timeline, known as Earth 13, is a nexus of sorts, where events that take place echo forth on a countless number of timelines - and studying events here can predict them elsewhere.

Newly Added or Fixed Issues

Agency 13 # 15: Not Quite a Swamp Thing: following his elemental rebirth, the environmental mystic George Baker starts a rampage in the Florida suburbs. Heading there to check out strange reports of his doings, Sticks McLellan and Chase Storey are troubled not by Baker so much as two earlier antagonists who have more than one bone to pick with them.

Agency 13 # 14: Aftermath: still reeling from the whole Wizardyne episode, our Agency 13 boys (and girls) are trying to figure out their next move. Knowing that there are all kinds of cross-temporal agencies out there like the Jensen Congress, most with less altruistic aims in mind, does the team keep on going as they are or do they begin to fight these nefarious organizations?

Agency 13 # 13: Working Girl After their catastrophic run-in with Wizardyne, our heroes would like to lay low and recover their wits, but this is not in the cards for Mike 013 and Agent Deathmonger. Sent to East Hollywood with only some rather dubious clues to follow, the two investigators must seek out the nature of some bizarre rumors involving a violent super-heroine.

Agency 13 # 12 - Wizardyne Assault, Part 3: having figured out where these dreadful, homicidal cyborgs issue forth from, the combined forces of Agency 13 attack the place en masse - causing all kinds of gratuitous property damage in the process. Can they save the day in the end, and even if they do, can they manage it without getting themselves killed in the process?

Agency 13 # 11 - Wizardyne Assault, Part 2: learning that Tex Goldberg has sent a 'surprise' to the Scientific College of Frankology, some of our heroes head there to stop a full-blown riot from ensuing - and find a mass protest of the place barring their way. Of course, the rest of our stalwart fact-finders engage in all kinds of felonies to Find The Truth.

Agency 13 # 10 - Wizardyne Assault, Part 1: after a pack of the Warriors of Thor is wiped out by merciless cyborgs, it falls on the combined skill of Agency 13 to figure out just what's going on - not to mention who's really behind all this - before an all-out Holy War breaks out on the streets of New York City between the Warriors and the Frankologists!

Agency 13 # 9 - Enter: the Holographic... Man? Welcome to our story already in progress, which involves Sticks McLellan and Chase Storey looking into a bizarre bank robbery. On the trail of the mastermind behind this crime, our hard-hitting duo have to mix it up with a strange, gender-bending holographic technology - if they don't kill each other!

Agency 13 # 8 - Revenge of the Normalcy Squad Chase Storey, one of Agency 13's best investigative reporters - and all around chauvanistic pig - has just been given his first lead. Of course, as it turns out the Normalcy Squad, which he's investigating, is already looking in on both him and his fellow investigators of the bizarre.

Agency 13 # 7 - A Conspiracy of Coincidence Prepare to meet, if you will, Agency 13's newest investigator: Sticks McLellan! Her first job for the Agency involves traveling to the sleepy Mexican town of Seguridad, where Mindwatch and the Society of Explicated Brethren recently had a throw-down. Her mission: to figure out why the two groups duked it out!

Agency 13 # 6 - Grade A People: we join Señor Barnett and Sir Tophat in the midst of a particularly urgent investigation, wherein they track down a fell beast that seems to be eating people alive - all save for their feet, that is. Can the duo stop the monster responsible for these assaults, these attacks on humanity committed in broad daylight, or will it have them for lunch?

Agency 13 # 5 - Rejuvenate Attack meet Sir Tophat, Voodoo Houngan and two-fisted investigator extraordinare! After a mysterious dead girl robs a bank in the middle of downtown Chicago, Sir Tophat is called in to get to the bottom of this mystery. Using his mighty mystic skills, he does indeed track down the perpetrator of this crime, not to mention a more disturbing mystery...

Agency 13 # 4 - Enter: the Normalcy Squad herein lies an introduction to the rather disturbed Señor Barnett, a man who is constantly barraged with conversation from most things technological - the only problem being that Barnett doesn't want to hear it. Naturally, this means he gets all the high tech mysteries the Agency has to solve, which only threatens his sanity all the more...!

Agency 13 # 3 - Attack of the Accountant this particular file from Agency 13's investigations describes a mystery that Agent Deathmonger and Mike 013 looked into in Pleasantview, New Jersey. After several people died of blood-loss and supposed vampire-inflicted wounds, our intrepid duo suspect the work of a Part-Time Vampire, but wind up being surprised.

Agency 13 # 2 - Agent Deathmonger Now that we have an idea what Agency 13 is all about, let us tune in to an investigation that the group's first investigator, former FBI Agent Deathmonger, is working on. As he looks into the activities of the Knights of the Moral Majority, Deathmonger has an easy time of things until he tries to leave.

Agency 13 # 1 - A Beginning: setting the stage for things to come both in the short and long-term, this explains the sequence of events that led Mike Jensen, or Mike 013 to his peers, to create the paranormal investigation firm known as Agency 13. It also showcases how forces aligned against Mike and his fellows are moving fast to stop them before they really get started!

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