Links Pertinent To Edition 13

This is a collection of other sites dedicated to Marvel Super-Heroes Role-Playing Game retro-clones. As stated elsewhere, Edition 13 of the 4C System's creator is not afraid of competition, and will readily link to similar projects - even those who will link to every MSH RPG site in existence except his own (cough cough). Those I've found thus far include the following:

4C Expanded: my competition in the 4C System sphere, 4C Expanded is a different outgrowth of the 4C System than is Edition 13, since my Edition 13 work was originally a revision of the classic Marvel Super-Heroes Role-Playing Game before it was branched off to what you see here. But different is good, because that means there's more takes on the 4C System for everyone to pick and choose from!

4C System: this is a plain-label variation on the Classic Marvel Super-Heroes Role-Playing game, rewritten from scratch to act as a toolbox for people to make new content for the old game without being sued. This link includes several additional downloads besides the basic 4C System document, some of which are even free! Take a look and see what Edition 13, at least to a tiny extent, draws upon.

Astonishing Super Heroes: another retro-clone of the old Marvel Super-Heroes Role-Playing Game, Astonishing Super Heroes takes the classic system and adds on a few new systems, including rules for 'social combat' and variant morality rules for Karma usage. There's a lot to like in this different take on the MSH RPG, even if they've inexplicably tied themselves to the OGL from Wizards of the Coast.

Dilly Green Bean Games: another producer of retro-clone variations on the classic Marvel Super-Heroes Role-Playing Game, Dilly Green Bean Games has created the G-Core system. More of an update than a mere direct rewrite of the MSH RPG system, the G-Core (and G-Core X) materials tout themselves as an update to the classic rules. With hundreds of products available, checking them out is a no-brainer!

Gurbintroll Games: like Zenith Entertainment, below, Gurbintroll Games has its hands in numerous role-playing game systems. One of these is FASERIP, another retro-clone of the original Marvel Super-Heroes RPG. FASERIP not only reproduces that system's core rules, but adds numerous innovations to the rules, as well. Plenty to like here, even if they've inexplicably tied themselves to Wizards of the Coast's OGL.

Superhelden Rollenspiel: I'm honestly not sure if this is the name of the site in question, as I don't speak the language, but it appears to house recreations of the 4C System pdf files in both English and German. I'm particularly fond of the new 4C System logo the creator of these files utilized, and like how the freshly built downloads are a lot crisper looking than the original, somehow.

Technohol 13: the hub of my many and various gaming sites, Technohol 13 is the original source for my 4C System: Edition 13 content. There you can still find Edition 13 variations of character descriptions I have written, characters whose copyrights are ultimately owned by others - and thus aren't here. But there's plenty of Edition 13 material to be found at Technohol 13, so by all means give it a look!

Zenith Entertainment Group: producers of Mighty Super-Heroes the Role-Playing System, another retro-clone of the classic Marvel Super-Heroes Role-Playing Game, the Zenith Entertainment Group has its hands in all kinds of gaming and gaming-adjacent goodies. They're big on multiple flavors of old-school gaming, so hit their Facebook group to check out what they've got their hands in today!

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