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Ultimately descended from the primordial entities Abzu and Tiamat, Bunene is one of the Anunnaki. Though he isn't quite as powerful as either of his parents, Bunene is nonetheless immortal, and possesses numerous abilities beyond the imagination of most human beings.

Known Powers:

Aura / Plasma: while Shamash is most assuredly the sun god, Bunene is often considered a solar deity as well, albeit a lesser one - one who can stand in for Shamash when his duties require him elsewhere. Bunene's rank value 40 plasma aura protects him as follows:

RV 30 / RV 40 / RV 6 / RV 2 / RV 0

* Flight: the charioteer of Shamash, Bunene often drives his father across the skies, using a chariot fueled by his own might. He can thus soar around the world at rank value 200, or 1,037.54 miles per hour, a representation of the sun's daily movement around the earth.

* Plasma Generation: though he's not actually the sun, Bunene can nonetheless emit vast amounts of plasma energy, symbolic of providing light and heat to the earth. He can discharge rank value 30 amounts of plasma, inflicting AP SD Energy damage with each blast.

Disguise: even more than his father, Bunene is rather fluid of gender. Within his own pantheon, he is perceived as either male or female, depending on what city (or era) you're in. Bunene can thus change his appearance as he sees fit, doing so with rank value 40 capability.

Immortality: while he's not as mighty as either of his divine parents, Bunene is still immortal. He can be brought to zero Health and/or Fortitude, and can even be killed, but will not die. No matter what happens to him, Bunene will persist indefinitely.

* Awe: as can his fellow Anunnaki, Bunene may wreathe his very body in the terrible power of his undying essence. Those within Very Near distance who fail a Willpower ACTION against this rank value 40 spectral display are stupefied for the duration.

* Boon: Bunene is often called upon to provide aid in his own right, and can fuel entreaties made to him with rank value 40 ability. This involves him granting 'generic' power entreaties, and empowering Conflagrant Chariot, Disguise, and Eldritch Bolt (plasma) entreaty spells.

However, as Shamash's sukkal, Bunene often intercedes on his father's behalf, answering requests for energy as well as prayers for aid. To facilitate this, Shamash grants Bunene boons of his own, enabling him access to all his own divine capabilities save for immortality itself.

Thus, Bunene can fuel any spell effect that his father can, because that power (if not coming from his own repertoire) is coming directly from Shamash himself. Naturally, this means requests for divine aid or intervention from Shamash must satisfy Bunene's standards, as well.

Limitations / Enhancements:

Chronological Constraints: as is the case with his father, Bunene is quite vulnerable between sunset and dawn. During the night, Bunene does not have access to his plasma aura or any of the power stunts derived from it, leaving him with only his wits to protect himself.


Chariot: Shamash's son, Bunene often drives his father's chariot through the sky for him, or even poses as him when he's otherwise indisposed. He may focus his disguise and plasma aura powers through the chariot, making it appear like a two-wheeled, oxen-drawn bullock cart.




Driving: his primary job, in a theological sense, is to drive Shamash's chariot across the skies. Though the vertical component is provided by his own power, Bunene can otherwise handle the reins of a chariot, or most other vehicles, at a +1 RS to its Handling or his Coordination.


The son of Aya and Shamash, not to mention the sibling of Kittu and Mesharu, Bunene has no lack of family (or other Anunnaki) to draw aid from in a pinch. Of course, he may also count his bride, Mamud, and his consort, Malik, as reliable contacts as well.


Bunene tends towards extravagant clothing, including regal robes, in his position as Shamash's sukkal. What's noteworthy about Bunene's ensembles is that they pale before his father's by design, usually featuring pastel variants on whatever colors Shamash is currently utilizing.


Bunene is a stickler for little details, which serves him well in his role of Shamash's sukkal. He holds a lot of love in his heart, both for humanity and his fellow deities, which might explain why he maintains a relationship with not one, but two different consorts.

Real Name: Bunene
Occupation: sukkal of Shamash
Legal Status: the citizen of no mortal land, Bunene can be considered one of the people of extraplanar Ubshukkina
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the Anunnaki

Height: 5' 10"
Hair: black
Eyes: black
Weight: 135 or 185 lbs. (depending on current gender)
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Bunene typically appears as a young, svelte Anunnaki of either gender, depending on his or her current mood.


Like his father before him, Bunene is regarded as something of a solar deity. However, instead of being perceived as the sun itself, Bunene is instead the driver of that god's chariot as it crosses the skies every day. The two thus work together closely and consistently, and are on very good terms. So much so, in fact, that Bunene was honored along with his mother and father quite frequently in the E-babbar of Sippar.

Shamash's chief minion, Bunene is considered his sukkal, or vizier, in addition to being his son. Working as an intermediary between Shamash and his many worshipers, Bunene attends to the lesser prayers of humanity when not resolving those directed at his person. As such, those imploring Shamash for something or other often leave Bunene an offering along with that intended for his father, hoping to curry favor with both.

In addition to inheriting abilities which let him fill in for Shamash when his other duties require his attention elsewhere during the day, Bunene also possesses Shamash's ability to manifest in either gender. This is because, depending on where and when you travel through Babylon, Bunene may be perceived as either male or female. A tendency that he has embraced wholeheartedly, Bunene takes full advantage of his dual nature.

This is why Bunene has not one, but two consorts. When he's living as a male, Bunene spends his personal time with his bride, Mamud. On the other hand, when he's feeling more female, he often shacks up with Malik. But then, Bunene has plenty of love for both mankind and his fellow deities, so he's happy to spend all his time spreading it around to both groups as much as he can.

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