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Haia is an ancient deity of Mesopotamian origin, seemingly one of the older members of his lot. One of the Igigi, Haia is a relatively minor god, who is primarily the steward of storehouses and defender of doorways, possessing divine powers to that effect.

Known Powers:

Immortality: one of the Igigi, ancient entities borne from the union of Abzu and Tiamat, Haia is an immortal being. Old beyond the reckoning of even most of his fellows, venerable Haia's precise lineage is unknown, but this Igigi nonetheless has these divine capabilities:

* Awe: like his fellow Igigi and their cousins, the Anunnaki, Haia can wreathe himself the terrible power of his undying essence. Those within Very Near distance who fail a Willpower ACTION against this rank value 40 spectral display are stupefied for the duration.

* Boon: though he isn't extremely powerful, Haia has earned his place amongst the Babylonian gods by dint of his being Enlil's father-in-law. Using this rank value 40 power, he can grant general entreaties, or fuel Admittance and Wondrous Warehouse entreaty spells.

Admittance: the defender of doorways, Haia may control whether others may or may not pass through them. Focusing his power on a doorway, Haia may open it, per the Admittance spell, or utilize a counterspell that prevents egress and/or ingress with rank value 50 ability.

Internal Universe: this rank value 100 power transforms Haia into a gateway leading to his Wondrous Warehouse. While Haia cannot personally access this storehouse for his and his charges' most precious treasures, he has more than enough minions to handle that.

Teleportation / Others: charged with keeping the larders of the Anunnaki fully stocked, Haia has the ability to move cargo around as well as he, himself, can bend time and space. He wields this power with rank value 100 skill, giving him access to goods from around the world.

Teleportation / Self: the steward of storehouses, Haia may manifest in one no matter where in the world it is. Haia possesses this power at rank value 100, allowing him to transport himself to any warehouse within one hundred thousand miles of his person.

Limitations / Enhancements:



Cudgel: lacking any offensive powers, his awe aside, Haia carries a small club with which to defend doorways and to safeguard storehouses. He may wield this implement, which is of MV 50, to inflict his Brawn rank value +1 RS in Bashing damage.




Mathematics: Haia is nowhere near the accountant that his wife, Nisaba, is. Nonetheless, Haia knows a thing or two about keeping track of just what he's storing where. His Intellect trait should be considered +1 RS in matters concerning accounting and inventory.

Service 3: though he possesses potent abilities, and is himself a deity of some note, Haia is himself a servant of the Anunnaki. As such, he has worked for thousands of years to cater to their various supply needs, and may bring this skill to bear at a +3 RS.


Though a relatively minor cog in the sphere of Anunnaki influence, Haia is nonetheless the father of Ninlil, and thus the father-in-law of mighty Enlil. As such, he can readily consider the Anunnaki, as well as his wife Nisaba, reliable contacts should he require assistance.


While he's not a priest, Haia is known to wear temple robes while going about his various duties for the Anunnaki. These robes are rather ornate, but not quite ostentatious, leaving the glory of vivid color and shimmering silkiness to the gods who control the pantheon.


Haia is a dutiful servant of the Anunnaki. He works hard to keep their larders stocked, their inventory fresh, and their dining halls well prepared for their regular banquets. He's also a wise and kind leader of the many, lesser Igigi who assist him in the execution of his duties.

Real Name: Haia
Occupation: storehouse steward, defender of doorways
Legal Status: the citizen of no mortal land, Haia can be considered one of the people of extraplanar Ubshukkina
Marital Status: married
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the Igigi

Height: 6' 3"
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Weight: 190 lbs.
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Haia is described as tall, with his long hair worn loose in honor of Enki.


Not all that much has been revealed about the background of the Babylonian deity known as Haia. He is apparently one of the Igigi, minor gods sharing origins similar to that of the Anunnaki themselves, and seems to work for them despite being a god himself.

As the warden of warehouses and the protector of portals, Haia is generally relied upon by his deific superiors to keep their larders full, and to keep track of all their many and various supplies. To this end, he can access a secure space known as his Wondrous Warehouse.

The Wondrous Warehouse is a space that supports any number of individual storehouses, each of which is its own demiplane for all intents and purposes. Whether the Wondrous Warehouse is adjacent to Ubshukkina or is its own, distinct universe has yet to be revealed.

At any rate, over the course of his many duties serving the Anunnaki, Haia had regular dealings with Nisaba, a goddess of grain and writing, who serves as a scribe of the gods. The two grew close over time, and ultimately Haia wed this daughter of Anu and Antu.

In time, the two gods had a child, Sud, who was ultimately married to Enlil. The manner of their courtship was irregular to say the least, but in the end the two were happily wed, and Sud changed her name to Ninlil (much as Ki changed her name to Antu).

The father-in-law of the lord of the Anunnaki, at least until Enlil was replaced in this role by Marduk, Haia became even more important in the scheme of things. Having become family as well as being indispensable to his superiors, Haia likely retains his role to this very day.

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