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One of the Anunnaki, Namtar is an immortal being. His superhuman powers are derived from his divine lineage, not to mention the sheer might that he has acquired due to the accumulation of energies related to the worship of both his person and the Anunnaki in general.

Known Powers:

Immortality: one of the Anunnaki, ancient entities borne from the union of Abzu and Tiamat, Namtar is an immortal being. He is the first-born son of Ereshkigal, but simply one of many sons born to mighty Enlil, which makes him both a sixth and eighth generation Anunnaki.

Namtar rarely sees direct conflict, but should a foe get the better of him, it's not likely to last for long. Namtar can be brought to zero Health and Fortitude, and even be killed, but will eventually bounce back. Namtar's immortality comes with these additional benefits:

* Awe: like his fellow Anunnaki, Namtar can wreathe his body in the terrible power of his undying essence. Those within Very Near distance who fail a Wilpower ACTION against this rank value 40 spectral display will find themselves stupefied for the duration.

* Boon: while he isn't one of the most powerful of the Anunnaki, Namtar's might is nothing to shake a stick at. Furthermore, thanks to this rank value 40 power, he can grant general entreaties, or specific entreaty spells, such as Disease or Threescore Pestilence.

Cure Disease: the lord of plagues, Namtar may dispense them, and Namtar may take them away. He has the ability to remove disease from himself or others with an overwhelming skill of rank value 100 - though the plague that could actually affect him has yet to reveal itself.

Dimensional Transit: as one of his roles involves serving as an intermediary between Anu and Ereshkigal, Namtar has the ability to rapidly travel between Irkalla, Ubshukkina.and anywhere else the Anunnaki hold sway. He may wield this power with rank value 50 skill.

Disease: as the god of disease, this threat is squarely at Namtar's beck and call. He can inflict conventional plages upon beings both mortal and divine as he feels necessary, doing so with rank value 100 ability - even if the latter are quite often immune to such.

Furthermore, Namtar commands the Threescore Pestilence. Transmitted by nanoscopic demons, they are sixty ailments which inflict devastating, SD Deionic carnage upon Namtar's target, and which reduce their targets' Fortitude by one rank value each time they inflict damage.

Limitations / Enhancements:







Medicine: though he isn't a physician by any means, Namtar has an innate understanding of the human body and how it works - the better to disrupt its functions! His Intellect should be considered +1 RS in all medical matters, whether dealing with plagues or any other ailments.

Service: as his principal role in Ereshkigal's court is to serve as her sukkal, Namtar is naturally competent in the use of this skill. It allows him a +1 RS on ACTION rolls related to his tending to the needs of others, whether passing messages or serving drinks.


Namtar is one of the Anunnaki, and beloved by both his parents: Enlil and Ereshkigal. As such, he is held in high regard by most beings belonging to that pantheon of gods, and they would readily grant him any sensible favor he should ask of them.


The clothing Namtar wears is most often ornate, yet respectful of his mother, particularly when standing at the ready to execute her every command. He wears a horned cap not quite as ostentatious as Ereshkigal's, a fringed, split skirt, sandals, and a comfortable vest.


Namtar is described simultaneously as kind and firm. He may be the harbinger of doom most unpleasant, but he sees his role as more of a necessity, rather than an indulgence. The hand of fate, after a fashion, unlike his father-in-law, who exults in dispensing death.

Though not servile, Namtar takes his role as Ereshkigal's sukkal most seriously. This requires him to work closely with various Anunnaki and Igigi, and Namtar strives to consistently respect those his mother deals with, to ultimately improve her prestige amongst the gods.

Real Name: Namtar
Occupation: sukkal of Ereshkigal
Legal Status: the citizen of no mortal land, Namtar can be considered one of the people of extraplanar Irkalla.
Marital Status: married
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the Anunnaki

Height: 6' 1"
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Weight: 200 lbs.
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none


Born of innumerable unions between Enlil and Ereshkigal, Namtar began life in heavenly Ubshukkina.His childhood in that lofty realm was cut short, however, for his mother was abducted by the dragon Kur before long, and taken to the then-empty underworld plane of Irkalla.

Though Enki himself journeyed to the underworld to recover her, Ereshkigal decided upon being rescued that Irkalla spoke to her, that it was her true home. Failing to convince her otherwise, Enki returned to the heavens, while Namtar followed Ereshkigal to her - and his - new home.

Though he disliked it by far, particularly in comparison to the bountiful, luxurious Ubshukkina.Namtar vowed to remain by his mother's side. He caters to her every whim, serving as her sukkal, and introduces additions to the underworld to her upon their arrival.

At first, these consisted solely of dead gods, such as Abzu, Enmesharra, and Qingu, , though in time mortal etemmu began pouring through the gates of the underworld. Thus, Namtar is almost always busy, for all who come to Ereshkigal's realm must be presented to her.

And this on top of his duty as the god of disease! When called upon by other gods, Namtar unleashes plagues upon those mortals who have either offended them or have simply become too numerous. Enlil in particular has made use of Namtar's abilities many times.

After the death of Ereshkigal's first husband, Gugalanna, it was Namtar who had to inter the Celestial Bull, for Ereshkigal was beside herself with grief, and could not attend to the matter herself. Of course, grief turned to anger when the cause of his death came calling.

Having engineered his death in a failed gambit to avenge a perceived slight by Gilgamesh, Ishtar later decided that she wanted command of the underworld. Journeying there under the pretense of grieving for Gugalanna, she approached the gates of to Irkalla only to find them locked.

Neti, gatekeeper of the underworld, was instructed by his mistress to force Ishtar to remove one piece of protective clothing for each gate she wished to pass through. Her impulse for conquest too strong to ignore, Ishtar did exactly that, leaving herself vulnerable upon her arrival.

Spying Ereshkigal grieving in the center of her throne room, Ishtar attempted to seize the opportunity, and lounged upon the throne of Irkalla. Justifiably incensed, Ereshkigal cried out for Namtar, who unleashed the threescore pestilence upon Ishtar at once!

Weakened by Namtar's divine plague, Ishtar was no match for Ereshkigal's gaze of doom. Watching her drop dead on the floor before her, Ereshkigal hung Ishtar's body up on a meathook, and left it there to rot as an object lesson to anyone else seeking to usurp her power.

There she remained, slowly decomposing, until Enki's creatures followed her path down into the underworld. Buttering Ereshkigal up with praise, they ultimately gained her approval to claim Ishtar's lifeless body, at which point they utilized Enki's magic to bring her back to life!

Though she ultimately had to swap places with first one, then two other Anunnaki to secure her freedom, Ishtar had somewhat kind of sort of learned her lesson, and things in Irkalla mostly returned to normal - at least, until Anu held a grand banquet for the gods.

Unable to attend, due to her being tied to the underworld, Ereshkigal sent Namtar in her stead. Though most of the gods showed him nothing but kindness, and even prepared a 'to go' plate for Ereshkigal to eat, Nergal, of all people, made a show of disrespecting Namtar.

Returning home, Namtar explained to his mother what happened, and Ereshkigal was furious beyond reason - as is her wont. Vowing to open wide the gates of the underworld and let her etemmu feast upon the living, Anu himself was mollified, and ordered Nergal to make things right.

He thus journeyed to Irkalla, and though warned what not to do while there, Nergal's arrogace assured him that no one was a match for him. He thus broke every rule he was explicitly told not to, and in the end wound up bedding Namtar's mother. But the joke was on him!

Unprepared for the savagery of Ereshkigal's appetites, Nergal slunk away after only a week of her attentions, fleeing to Ubshukkina.Upon learning that Ereshkigal was once more with child, Nergal attempted to avoid his responsibilities until she renewed her threat against humanity.

Thus, Nergal reluctantly returned to Irkalla, and wed the mother of his child. Though Namtar was not happy about this turn of events, he nonetheless continues to do his mother's bidding to this very day, even if Nergal now treats Namtar as if he were his servant, as well.

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