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Nike is a member of the Greek pantheon of gods, herself having titans and gods in her family tree. This represents the source of her many and varied powers, as well as her persistent, immortal presence on earth over years past (and years to come).

Known Powers:

Growth / Shrinking: Nike possesses the ability to shrink down to 4.5 inches in height; she often does this when aiding other gods to avoid stealing their thunder. She uses this power at rank value 10, benefiting from a -4 size factor compared to normal-sized foes.

While she has never been depicted as using the opposite function of this power, it is important to note that, with her particular lineage, it wouldn't be at all out of character for Nike to grow to an impressive height. The ultimate boundaries of such an ability are not currently known.

Immortality: the daughter of the titan Pallas and the goddess Styx, Nike's power draws from a rather potent lineage. Her family background gives her this astoundingly desirable power, meaning that while she can be killed, she will eventually get better.

* Boon: one popular facet of her divinity is that Nike may share her power with others, typically when they use an entreaty spell of some sort to request the use of her fantastic powers. Nike may grant boons to others with rank value 40 ability.

Luck: the Greek goddess of Victory, Nike is naturally associated with luck. She is not averse to granting the boon of good luck to those she favors - or the curse of bad luck to those opposing her current favorites. Nike wields this power at rank value 100.

Super Running: though not quite as fleet of foot as is Hermes, Nike is nonetheless possessed of impressive speed. She possesses this power at rank value 75 speeds, allowing her to cross vast distances in a relatively short period of time, whether on the ground or in the air.

Wings: Nike has a pair of magnificent, feathery wings with which she can propel herself through the skies. These amazing appendages allow her to fly at 54.54 miles per hour when moving at a leisurely pace, though her super running can greatly accelerate this velocity.

Limitations / Enhancements:



Armor: on occasion Nike will wear classical bronze armor into battle. This armor is not overly sophisticated by modern standards, but it suits Nike's purposes in both style and substance. Nike's combat armor allows her rank value 10 resistance to physical and energy attack.

Weapons: being well-versed in the art of battle, if not an actual war goddess, Nike can use any melee weapon with ease. She usually has one on hand that suits her purposes, and if not she can typically improvise one (or several) should the need arise.




None. While Nike excels in a large array of athletic and martial endeavors, she does not possess a specific mastery of any. Instead, she tends to be a 'jack of all trades' of sorts, as is represented by her higher Melee and Coordination scores, listed above.


As a favored, if low-key member of the Greek pantheon of gods, Nike can easily rely upon her fellows for aid in a pinch. After all, she is responsible in part for a large number of their victories over the eons, and they would probably rather not get on her bad side.


When she presents herself to others, Nike usually wears one of three simple outfits. The first is naught but a white robe and sandals, the second is an ornate suit of bronze combat armor, and the third is, well, nothing. She often carries ceremonial censers or laurels with her as well.


Her persona reflecting her sphere of influence, Nike strives for excellence in everything she does. She works to aid others in the pursuit of victory in their goals, whether good or evil, but is known to punish those who rely on her patronage and fail, for she cannot abide incompetence.

Real Name: Nike (pronounced 'nee kay')
Occupation: goddess
Legal Status: citizen of the multi-planar realm of Olympus
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: Victoria (Roman name)
Group Affiliation: the Gods of Olympus

Height: 5' 6"
Hair: light brown
Eyes: brown
Weight: 240 lbs (those are big wings)
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Nike has a large pair of feathery, bird-like wings.


The child of the titan Pallas and the goddess Styx, Nike first came into prominence when Zeus rallied the gods to help him overthrow Cronus. One of the first gods to join with Zeus, Nike (and her siblings) earned an important place in the house of the gods after the war with the titans.

Nike he grew to be best friends with Athena in time, and worship of the two goddesses became a somewhat blurred devotion; Nike aided Athena in her efforts, after all, and statues built to venerate Athena are often believed to be devoted to Nike instead. Unless both were in the same statue.

Associated with excellence and victory, Nike became a favorite goddess amongst the people of Greece, who venerated her after winning various athletic and martial events. While not a 'prime mover' in the Greek pantheon, Nike is a vital, behind the scenes component of their many triumphs.

Though the Greek gods do not receive the same amount of respect they used to, it's quite possible that Nike herself isn't seen so much since she's very busy. Few mythological entities receive the same amount of attention in the modern day as do Nike, for a variety of subtle reasons.

For one thing, everybody knows the shoe company, Nike. The corporation has made the goddess' name known around the world, even if most people don't associate it with her. Not to mention the fact that there are countless statues in homes bearing her image, even if unwittingly.

One never knows just how much influence Nike has on the world at large, but many events can be theorized to occur due to her actions. Just how many athletes can you think of that had a sudden rise into ridiculous infamy - only to crash and burn as soon as their Hubris got the best of them?

On the other hand, direct devotion to Nike can occur in the form of obsessively hard working individuals, those wishing to impress their patron by pushing themselves to perfection in every aspect of life. They may have exceptional skill in their area of expertise along with faith-based powers.

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